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Training policy

Training policyDue to the risk of accidents, the need to ensure staff are adequately trained doesn't stop with the induction process. Therefore, it's advisable to ensure that you have a comprehensive policy in place.Training policyProviding an acceptab... Read more

Medical consent form for GP and occupational health advisor

Medical consent form for GP and occupational health advisorBefore you can obtain any information on an employee's fitness to work, you must get their written permission. This can be done by issuing a medical consent form that sets out what you want, a... Read more

Environmental purchasing policy

Environmental purchasing policyUsing our environmental purchasing policy will help you to fulfil your environmental responsibilities and influence your suppliers, so that you can justifiably claim that you are "greening the supply chain".What's covered?... Read more

Energy management policy

Energy management policyThe cost of energy used to be something that businesses didn't really pay much attention to; however, now prices have gone through the roof. To help you cut costs and to minimise your impact on the environment, follow our forma... Read more

Construction supervisor's checklist

Construction supervisor's checklistYou probably realise that you need to monitor site safety, but are you sure of what to check, and do you have a record of the checks made? If the answer is "no", our Construction Supervisor's Checklist should help.When ... Read more

Accident claim management checklist

Accident claim - management checklistSince the introduction of "no win, no fee" legislation, many employers have experienced an increase in claims against them. To play it safe, use our checklist to ensure that you have the right information to hand.Ma... Read more

Homeworking health and safety policy

Homeworking policyIf homeworking is a common occurrence in your business, or is likely to become so, consider having a separate policy to cover it. Ours concentrates on the needs of this particular group of employees.Purpose of homeworking policyDepe... Read more

Guidance note - contaminated land remediation techniques

Guidance note - contaminated land remediation techniquesIf you have, or are intending to purchase, land that you know to be contaminated, then you'll need to remediate the land. This can be achieved in a number of ways - all of which are detailed in o... Read more

Manual handling checklist

Manual handling checklistAssessing the risks to staff from manual handling is a legal requirement. To help you do this, we have introduced a checklist that can be used in a variety of different working environments.Reducing handling risksApart from t... Read more

New and expectant mothers policy

New and expectant mothers policyEmployees who are pregnant or have recently given birth need extra care and attention to protect them from workplace hazards. Use our policy to demonstrate that you have all the health and safety laws in this area cove... Read more
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