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Chemical storeroom checklist

Chemical storeroom checklistIf you use enough chemicals to justify a dedicated chemical storeroom, you will need to ensure that you manage it safely. Our three-part checklist can help you do this. Chemical storeroom checklistIf you store large quant... Read more

Use of chemicals at work policy

Use of chemicals at work policyIf you use chemicals as an integral part of your work process, it makes sense to have a separate policy that details how you approach their safe use. So why not use ours to help get you started?A standalone policyIf you... Read more

Ventilation checklist

Ventilation checklistYou may not think about ventilation until staff complain that it's too hot or cold. So why not check on its effectiveness between maintenance checks? Our checklist is designed to help you do this.Making extra checksYou may find it... Read more

Pregnancy health and safety checklist

Pregnancy health and safety checklistSome 97% of potential pregnancy-related tribunal claims involve failure to carry out a risk assessment. This is why we've included a checklist to help you identify any hazards that your assessment should cover.Preg... Read more

Equipment safety checklist

Equipment safety checklistThe volume of electrical equipment that you have can easily add up, so it's important that you have safe systems of work in place to govern its use. Our checklist can help you monitor them.Equipment safety checklistOnce you've... Read more

Letter to employee health questionnaire

Letter to employee - health questionnaireIf you have concerns over an employee's fitness to work, you may want them to complete a health questionnaire. If so, issue a covering letter to explain exactly what's happening and why.Letter to employeeThere m... Read more

Workplace drug policy

Workplace drug policyWith drug use having increased in recent years, it could have a detrimental impact on your workplace. For this reason, you should use a drug policy to manage the potential risks arising from misuse.Dealing with drugsA survey carr... Read more

Training and development policy

Training and developmentA training and development policy is a set of guidelines reflecting your commitment to developing your staff. It enables you to audit your training activities to ensure you are getting value for money/time invested.A worthwhile... Read more

Risk assessment management checklist

Risk assessment management checklistContrary to popular belief, the risk assessment process is not a one-off event. It's something that must be monitored and managed constantly. To ensure that you stay in control, use our Risk Assessment Management Ch... Read more

Work experience checklist

Work experience checklistWhilst offering work experience placements can be a useful recruitment tool, it can also present safety risks due to a youngster's lack of awareness. So combat this by introducing a checklist.Work experienceWork experience stu... Read more
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