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Coronavirus overseas travel quarantine memo

Coronavirus overseas travel quarantine memoUnless a particular country is on the government's travel corridor list, employees returning from their overseas holidays must self-isolate for ten days, possibly in a quarantine hotel. Use our memo to help m... Read more

Letter confirming a career break

Letter confirming a career breakIf you grant an employee time off work for a career break or sabbatical, you should confirm the provisions relating to it in writing, even if you already have a policy in place governing the situation. In particular it... Read more

Letter rejecting holiday request

Letter rejecting holiday requestThere are many reasons why you might need to reject an employee's paid annual leave request, even if they've given you sufficient notice of their proposed days off. In this situation, you should always explain why it's no... Read more

Time off in lieu form

Time off in lieu formUse our time off in lieu form to enable your employees to keep records of all time off in lieu accrued and then taken. Ensure they are aware that the form needs to be countersigned by their line manager each time that time off in... Read more

Holiday request form

Holiday request formIt's important that employees know how they should request annual leave. Having a formal system in place which involves the employee completing a holiday request form means that everyone knows where they stand in terms of whether a... Read more

Letter rejecting request for a sabbatical

 Letter rejecting request for a sabbaticalAlthough sabbaticals are growing in popularity, you don't have to accept a request for this type of leave. If doing so will leave your business short-staffed, or incur significant costs elsewhere, it should b... Read more

Letter to bereaved employee

Letter to bereaved employeeFor obvious reasons, dealing with an employee who has suffered bereavement can be a sensitive issue. But as not all of them react in the same way, you'll have to take each situation on a case-by-case basis. In the early stag... Read more
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