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Letter enclosing P45 and or final salary pay slip

 Letter enclosing P45 and/or final salary pay slipIt's not always possible to provide an employee with their P45 and/or final salary pay slip on their last day of employment. In this situation, these documents must be sent on to their home address at a... Read more

Leaver's checklist

Leaver's checklist Once an employee is getting ready to leave, there will be a number of formalities to go through. It's important that you don't miss anything out here. Our leaver's checklist contains all the important points you (or your managers) need... Read more

Invitation to attend an exit interview

Invitation to attend an exit interviewThousands of people resign from their jobs each year. By asking them to take part in a voluntary exit interview you can identify the reason behind their decision. The process may also be used to nip any hidden pr... Read more

Leaver's details form

 Leaver's details form When an employee leaves, you'll have to run a final salary payment. As it's difficult to claw back any overpayment it's important that you get this amount right. Our leaver's details form allows you to check individual sums owed; t... Read more

Letter to ex employee requesting information

 Letter to ex-employee requesting information Once an employee's contract has ended, they've no duty to assist you. But if information is needed - and they're the only one that can help you - ask, but tread carefully. Our letter to ex-employee requesti... Read more
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