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Invitation to attend return-to-work interview It's a proven fact that any employee who is required to attend a return-to-work interview following a period of sickness absence will think twice about taking any time off in the first place. Invite an employee to attend this type of meeting using our letter. Slashing absence rates Return-to-work interviews may seem like just another paper exercise, but they are really an employer's best friend. Firstly, if an employee knows that they'll have to attend one following any period of sickness absence - even if it's only for half a day - they're much less likely to take time off sick in the first place. This is because a majority of short-term sickness absence is fraudulent - so most employees don't want to be questioned about their health; it can be a bit uncomfortable when they don't have any truthful facts to disclose! At the same time, you have a legal duty to ensure that: (1) your employee is fit to return to work; and (2) they don't pose a danger to themselves and/or any other employee. So this process, if conducted correctly, can help you identify any problems and/or whether you need to make any workplace adjustments before they start back at work. First day back