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Staff questionnaire on employee engagement

 Staff questionnaire on employee engagementEven if there doesn't appear to be any real problems, staff questionnaires can reveal a great deal about a business. Where any issues are highlighted, you can swiftly take action to nip them in the bud. Idea... Read more

Letter to employee who accepts a gift-hospitality without approval

 Letter to employee who accepts a gift/hospitality without approval The Bribery Act 2010 is a serious piece of legislation; there can be consequences for those employers who breach it. To stay on the right side of the law, you should prohibit staff f... Read more

Letter permitting employee to offer gift-hospitality

 Letter permitting employee to offer gift/hospitality The Bribery Act 2010 is considered to be the harshest piece of anti-corruption legislation anywhere in the world. Not only does it introduce new corporate criminal offences, employers must now "ade... Read more

Letter declining fit note recommendations

 Letter declining fit note recommendations Employers are not obliged to accept the advice set out in a fit note. Before taking any decision, however, you must discuss it with the employee. If you decide to reject it, your reasons should be set out i... Read more

Letter seeking authenticity of Statement of Fitness for Work

 Letter seeking authenticity of statement of fitness for work Fake, yet convincing, fit notes can be bought on the Internet for under £10. If you have doubts about the authenticity of such a document, write to the GP who supposedly issued it. As yo... Read more

Letter requiring statement of fitness for work

Letter requiring statement of fitness for work All employers can, and should, ask for evidence of sickness absence. For the first seven calendar days this is usually in the form of a self-certificate. Thereafter, you can insist on statement of fitnes... Read more

Letter reviewing temporary working alterations

Letter reviewing temporary working alterations If you agree to implement temporary workplace adjustments, they will need to be periodically reviewed and amended if necessary. You can set the timescales here, but once a month should be the absolute mi... Read more

Letter to ex employee requesting information

 Letter to ex-employee requesting information Once an employee's contract has ended, they've no duty to assist you. But if information is needed - and they're the only one that can help you - ask, but tread carefully. Our letter to ex-employee requesti... Read more

Leaver's details form

 Leaver's details form When an employee leaves, you'll have to run a final salary payment. As it's difficult to claw back any over-payment it's important that you get this amount right. Our leaver's details form allows you to check individual sums owed; ... Read more

Invitation to attend an exit interview

Invitation to attend an exit interviewThousands of people resign from their jobs each year. By asking them to take part in a voluntary exit interview you can identify the reason behind their decision. The process may also be used to nip any hidden pr... Read more
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