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Letter requesting home visit with sick employee

Letter requesting home visit with sick employeeUnder the terms of our sickness absence policy, you can request a home visit with a long-term sick employee. To enable you to do this, use our letter. When making home visits, be sensitive, don't try to b... Read more

Not fit for work acknowledgement letter

Not fit for work acknowledgement letterOur letter sets out the employee's rights and obligations when on sick leave where they've been assessed as not fit for work, so there can be no misunderstandings. However, you don't need to send it out each time y... Read more

Suspension on medical grounds letter

Suspension on medical grounds letterSome jobs are covered by special health and safety regulations under which employees may be suspended from work on medical grounds. Use our letter to suspend an employee in this scenario but be aware of the circums... Read more

Letter confirming temporary work alterations

Letter confirming temporary work alterationsOur letter confirming temporary work alterations assists you where, as a result of the GP's recommendations in the statement of fitness for work, you've agreed a return to work plan with your absent employee.... Read more

May be fit for work acknowledgement letter

May be fit for work acknowledgement letterOur letter acknowledging that an employee may be fit for work sets up a telephone meeting with an employee where their GP has stated they may be fit for work if appropriate adjustments are made. Discuss the c... Read more

Time off in lieu form

Time off in lieu formUse our time off in lieu form to enable your employees to keep records of all time off in lieu accrued and then taken. Ensure they are aware that the form needs to be countersigned by their line manager each time that time off in... Read more

Holiday request form

Holiday request formIt's important that employees know how they should request annual leave. Having a formal system in place which involves the employee completing a holiday request form means that everyone knows where they stand in terms of whether a... Read more

Invitation to attend an appraisal meeting

 Invitation to attend an appraisal meetingAn appraisal is a formal process that allows you and a member of staff to assess their performance over a given period of time. Most usually, they take place on an annual or half-yearly basis. Our invitation... Read more

Appraisal checklist

 Appraisal checklistIf you want to introduce an appraisal process, you need to go about it in the right way. Before it's set up you need to think about some important points, including what the meetings will cover. After that, you must brief all mana... Read more

Employee training record

 Employee training recordThere are many reasons why you should keep track of an employee's training, for example cost or the need to undertake refresher courses. You don't want to go hunting around for this information every time. So use our employee ... Read more
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