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Letter to next of kin on death of employee

Letter to next of kin on death of employeeUse our letter to offer your condolences to the deceased's next of kin on the death of an employee. It also raises the issue of final salary and other payments which may be due to the estate or other beneficia... Read more

Letter requiring removal of social media postings

Letter requiring removal of social media postingsUse our letter to deal with individuals posting unacceptable comments about the business or its employees, clients, etc. on social media websites. It requires them to immediately remove the comments an... Read more

Trial flexible working arrangement letter

Trial flexible working arrangement letterWhen you receive a flexible working application, you may wish to test it out on a trial basis to see whether it can be accommodated within the business or not. Use our letter to put a trial flexible working ar... Read more

Informal meeting request

Informal meeting request Our letter will assist you in arranging an informal meeting with an employee to discuss your concerns with their performance or conduct. Use it where the issues are minor so that an informal approach is the best way to start.... Read more

Notice of staff meeting outside normal working hours

Notice of staff meeting outside normal working hoursIf you need to hold a general staff meeting, it may be hard to find a time when everyone is available. So you might need to ask some employees if they're willing to attend outside their normal workin... Read more

Letter following informal discussion of minor poor performance

Letter following informal discussion of minor poor performanceIn cases of minor poor performance, before you launch into instituting the formal disciplinary or capability procedure, you should try to resolve the issue informally first by discussion ... Read more

Workplace sweepstake rules

Workplace sweepstake rulesUsing our workplace sweepstake rules will ensure that, where your staff run small-scale work sweepstakes, e.g. on the Grand National or one of the sporting World Cups, they're complying with the law. Gambling Act 2005A typica... Read more

Letter to employee's emergency contact

Letter to employee's emergency contactWhere an employee is absent from work without permission and you've been unsuccessful in contacting them personally, one of the steps you should take is to contact their next of kin or listed emergency contact. Use... Read more

Overpayment of wages letter

Overpayment of wages letterAs a general rule, you're able to recover accidental overpayments of wages by making deductions from the employee's salary. For this type of deduction, you don't need the employee's consent.An authorised deductionOccasionally, ... Read more

Letter seeking agreement to a lay-off or short time working

Letter seeking agreement to a lay-off or short time workingIf you want to implement a lay-off or short time working to deal with a temporary work shortage and you don't have the contractual right to do so, you will need to seek your employees' express ... Read more
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