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Introduction to this document

Minutes of disciplinary hearing

You must take minutes of each disciplinary hearing that you hold. Our document contains prompts to include all relevant information and acts as proof that you will have covered all the matters that should be mentioned during a disciplinary hearing.


Our Minutes of Disciplinary Hearing document is intended to ensure that the disciplinary hearing is conducted in a full, fair and open manner. This is because the fairness of any disciplinary process used will be a key factor in establishing whether or not any subsequent disciplinary dismissal is fair. The minutes contain the key information that you will need to record in every disciplinary hearing, e.g. who is present and whether the employee opted to be accompanied. Following the hearing, ask the employee to read the minutes and then sign either to agree them as they are or with their comments or amendments on them. If the employee makes any amendments, state next to their changes whether or not you agree to them.