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Equal opportunities training record

Equal opportunities training recordThere's no legal requirement to have an equal opportunities and dignity at work policy or to train your staff on the topic, but we recommend you do both because it can afford you an important defence against a claim ... Read more

Whistleblowing training record

Whistleblowing training recordUse our whistleblowing training record to show that you've provided training on this subject to your workers. You'll need to do this to avoid being vicariously liable for detrimental treatment of whistleblowers by your wor... Read more

Appraisal checklist

 Appraisal checklistIf you want to introduce an appraisal process, you need to go about it in the right way. Before it's set up you need to think about some important points, including what the meetings will cover. After that, you must brief all mana... Read more

Employee training record

 Employee training recordThere are many reasons why you should keep track of an employee's training, for example cost or the need to undertake refresher courses. You don't want to go hunting around for this information every time. So use our employee ... Read more

Invitation to attend an appraisal meeting

 Invitation to attend an appraisal meetingAn appraisal is a formal process that allows you and a member of staff to assess their performance over a given period of time. Most usually, they take place on an annual or half-yearly basis. Our invitation... Read more
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