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Introduction to this document

Pest monitoring record

If you have identified a risk of pest infestation within your premises, you need to undertake regular inspections. Use our form to record any pest-related sightings.

Using the form

Whether or not you have regular checks completed by a pest control contractor, it’s good practice to record any sightings of your own.

This task should be completed by someone who is competent and knows the warnings signs to look for, e.g. droppings, chewed cables, dirty trail marks. On completion of any monitoring, a record should be made to show when the task was carried out and if any signs were found. Our Pest Monitoring Form has been designed to help you do that.

Complete one form per month and at the end of the period ensure that a manager checks and signs it before filing. The manager should also ensure that any follow-up action is taken.

Note. Instruct staff to inform a manager immediately of serious problems such as live rodents.