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Introduction to this document

Kitchen checklist

Even if you only have a corner containing a microwave, you need to keep it clean and maintain the equipment. This is where a kitchen checklist can help; it’s also ideal for full sized kitchens.

Caring for your kitchens

Many office based premises provide some form of kitchen facility for staff. This could be a small corner tucked away with a kettle and a toaster, or it could be a dedicated kitchen area, complete with fridge and microwave. Alternatively, you may have enough staff to justify a canteen which serves hot food. Irrespective of your facilities, you should ensure that the area is kept clean and that any electrical equipment is well maintained. This is where a Kitchen Checklist can help.

Using the checklist

The first part is directed at offices which have a canteen on the premises as it looks at food hygiene issues. After all, you don’t want to be fending staff allegations of food poisoning. You can reduce the likelihood of this by looking at cleaning standards, food temperatures and by taking steps to avoid cross-contamination of any food kept in fridges. Even if you don’t have canteen facilities, many of these questions such as those regarding cleanliness, are relevant to much smaller kitchen areas. The second part concentrates on health, safety and fire issues and can be applied equally to large canteens and small kitchenettes.