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Introduction to this document

Housekeeping checklist

Whilst good housekeeping is important and conveys the right image to clients, it makes sense for a business with only a few offices to have an all-in-one checklist. Ours should get you on the right track.

Good housekeeping

Housekeeping is an issue for all businesses. However, if your premises only consist of a few individual offices, you may find it easier and more time-effective to have one checklist which deals with all aspects of housekeeping. This can be done by using a Housekeeping Checklist. As with most of our checklists it contains space at the bottom to sign and date. It should be kept on file for at least three years; just in case of a claim.

Multi-purpose checklist

Our checklist reflects the areas found in a typical business that are known to cause accidents, if they’re not kept well-maintained. This includes making regular checks of floors, staircases and storage areas. There are also sections that deal with fire and electrical safety, which whilst brief, should be adequate for the smaller office.