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Introduction to this document

Risk assessment - floor and wall tiling

If your staff are involved in floor or wall tiling, then you’ll need to assess the risks involved. To give you a head start why not use our template document?

What’s covered?

Our example risk assessment covers the common hazards involved in floor and wall tiling. There are different sections covering:

  • preparation - removing old tiles and, if necessary, plasterboard
  • manual handling
  • cutting and shaping tiles
  • use of hand and portable power tools
  • adhesives, grout and sealant
  • work at height
  • laying floor tiles and other work at low level.

How to use the assessment

Simply review the contents of the risk assessment to see whether it covers all of the activities you undertake. Consider whether there are any particular risks which you need to include. Adapt the risk assessment to suit your business by making any necessary changes.