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Introduction to this document

Delivery safety plan checklist

If you deliver to or collect from a client’s workplace, you need to ensure that any risks associated with the process are managed.

Not always easy

A delivery or collection of products or materials is a process that might be completed in a matter of minutes and without putting anyone at risk. However, it’s not always so straightforward. For example, materials may have to be taken into special areas of the premises; access may be restricted; parking could be a problem - the list goes on. So, if you’re faced with a difficult delivery or collection scenario, it’s worth trying to address any potential problems in advance.

What are you dealing with?

Completing our new Delivery Safety Plan Checklist will help you to identify exactly what your staff will have to deal with. In addition, it can be used to stipulate the safe systems of work that you wish them to follow.

When to use this?

We suggest that this process should be completed for a one-off complicated/potentially high-risk delivery and for jobs you do day in day out. Highlighting risks and the safe systems you wish staff to follow for frequent clients will help to ensure the safety of all parties and maintain a consistent service.

What to do?

Firstly, take photographs of the delivery site and copy them into the boxes provided on the form. These can be used to identify routes to take, potential hazards etc. Next, answer the questions in the checklist. Your answers will show your staff what they need to do, e.g. attend a site induction and provide details about the premises. Once you’ve completed the checklist, record any further information and the actions required to reduce any significant risks to acceptable levels.