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Introduction to this document

Tips for fuel efficient driving

Changing the way we drive can create significant fuel savings, so it’s well worth a little effort. Our Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving provide a handy briefing note on the subject which you can give to staff.

What’s covered

This briefing note is divided into three main headings: “Preparing your vehicle”, “On the road” and “Parking”.

Under the “Preparing your vehicle” section there’s advice on keeping tyres at optimal pressure, having the vehicle regularly serviced and avoiding carrying unnecessary loads.

“On the road” includes the key points about fuel efficient driving styles. There are tips about driving smoothly, changing gear early, minimising the use of air conditioning and managing your speed. The information provided is designed to be brief whilst giving supporting details so that staff understand why the particular behaviour is necessary.

The final “Parking” section simply advises on parking in the shade during hot weather and ensuring that the fuel filler cap is fitted tightly. These actions will reduce fuel evaporation.