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Homeworking checklist

Homeworking checklistAdvances in technology and the coronavirus pandemic have led to an increase in staff working from home. Use our checklist to review the safety of the arrangements.Who's responsible?Although employees are responsible for many aspec... Read more

H&S induction - delivery drivers

H&S induction - delivery driverEnsuring staff receive a thorough induction is an essential part of keeping them safe at work, but if you employ delivery drivers you might find that your generic staff induction process is a poor fit. Use our document ... Read more

Homeworking clauses

Homeworking clausesWhen staff work from home under a formal agreement, there must be a clear understanding of how health and safety issues will be dealt with. Use our suggested clauses.When to use these clausesOnce someone is working at home on a for... Read more

Mobile staff safety checklist

Mobile staff safety checklistWhen staff work away from your premises, you still have a responsibility for their safety. Use our checklist to ensure you've covered the key points. Why is this important?When travelling, staff can be at risk from road t... Read more

Residential property safety checklist

Residential property safety checklistIf you're responsible for accommodation which is let out as living space, there are various health and safety considerations. Our checklist will help you with your on-site checks. Using the documentMany people thin... Read more

Pre-opening checklist

Pre-opening checklistIf you're running an event, one of your first priorities is to select a venue which can safely accommodate your planned activities. But having chosen the right premises, you still have work to do. Use our pre-opening checklist to ... Read more

Property viewing safety check

Property viewing safety checkIf you're an estate agent or show visitors around properties for other reasons, you need to consider whether it's safe to do so. Use our safety check form to identify any potential safety issues.Why do you need it?The creat... Read more

Outdoor event safety plan and risk assessment

Outdoor event safety plan and risk assessmentIf you're planning an outdoor event, then you should produce a safety plan and risk assessment. Our template will get you started.Setting it all outYou could be asked for a safety plan and risk assessment b... Read more

Initial safety survey

Initial safety surveyIf your staff will carry out work on an unfamiliar site, use our survey form to help you to plan the job properly. What's covered?What are you dealing with? When your staff work on clients' sites you won't usually have full control ... Read more

Work near water

Risk assessment - work near waterIf your staff work near water, then you'll need to complete a risk assessment to make sure that they and others in the area are kept safe. Ours will help you to get started.What's covered?This risk assessment sets out v... Read more
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