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Introduction to this document

Homeworking checklist

Advances in technology and the coronavirus pandemic have led to an increase in staff working from home. Use our checklist to review the safety of the arrangements.

Whos responsible?

Although employees are responsible for many aspects of safety in their home, it’s still a workplace, and the computer and other items you provide are “work equipment”. To ensure that your duties are understood and fulfilled, use our Homeworking Checklist.

How to use it?

Our document is a self-assessment form. You may want to make its completion a mandatory requirement for any employee applying to work from home.

The first section begins with two questions asking for confirmation that the employee has a safe place to work and that their work will not put others in the household at risk. We recommend that in the absence of a “yes” answer, homeworking should not be allowed. There are then further questions asking whether workload targets seem achievable, duties can be completed effectively at home and communication channels are satisfactory.

The HSE has made it clear that temporary working from home does not warrant a workstation assessment, therefore our questions check whether homeworking has been formally agreed and is likely to go on for a few weeks prior to asking about the presence of a completed workstation assessment.