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Introduction to this document

Home visit checklist

When staff are visiting clients in their own homes there are all sorts of risks which you might not be aware of. However, you still have a responsibility for their safety. Our checklist will ensure that all hazards have been identified.

Check each location

We’ve produced a Home Visit Checklist to give to your staff, and they should complete one for each home they visit regularly. It’s better for the member of staff to carry this out themselves as it’s often impossible for managers to visit each location to undertake an assessment. It will also prevent any miss-communication from occurring. You can then use the information to decide whether there are any particular risk control measures needed. The form also acts as a record that the checks have been made.

What it covers

We’ve included prompts for common hazards which might be found, including dangerous dogs, dodgy wiring, violent clients, slips and trips, manual handling problems and so on. The idea is to cover the obvious, as well as the less evident risks. As it would be impossible to predict everything, we’ve also included space at the end for the member of staff to add in any other hazards they find.