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Introduction to this document

Occupational health exam and tests consent form

If you require an occupational assessment of an employee’s health, you will need to obtain their permission first. Use our consent form to do this and to establish the ground rules.

What is a health assessment?

The main objective of an occupational health assessment is to provide you with details of an employee’s health and fitness. This may be to confirm that they are physically able to undertake all aspects of their job. Alternatively, where work activities appear to be adversely affecting an employee’s health, an assessment will provide practical ideas on the adjustments which would make the job manageable. A third reason is to check that aspects of a job which are known to carry a risk, e.g. noise, vibration, exposure to asthmagens, are not having an adverse effect on an individual’s health.

Using our form

A manager can request permission from the employee for a medical assessment to be carried out using our Occupational Health Exam and Tests Consent Form. A copy of the findings is then sent to you. The form is designed to be passed from manager to employee, to health assessor, with each party signing off their agreement at each stage. It can be tailored to reflect the involved parties such as the manager, employee, HR department and occupational health specialist.