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Whole body vibration checklist

Whole body vibration checklistIf you use machinery or vehicles which cause vibration throughout the body, you have duties under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 (CVWR) to manage that risk. Our checklist will set you on the right path... Read more

Coronavirus compliance audit

Coronavirus - compliance auditTo protect your staff and customers, you must make your premises COVID-19 secure. Complete our audit to check you've done what's required.Document contentsYou need to take reasonable steps to ensure that you have minimised... Read more

Hand-arm vibration calculator

Hand-arm vibration calculatorExcessive use of vibrating tools can lead to hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), a debilitating condition characterised by white fingers and a loss of feeling in the hands. Use our calculator to help you to control the ri... Read more

Occupational health exam and tests consent form

Occupational health exam and tests consent formIf you require an occupational assessment of an employee's health, you will need to obtain their permission first. Use our consent form to do this and to establish the ground rules.What is a health assess... Read more

Hand-arm vibration tool register

Hand-arm vibration tool registerHand-arm vibration syndrome is a debilitating condition caused by excessive use of hand-held powered equipment. When managing the risk, the first step is to record details of your equipment on a register.The tool regis... Read more

Display screen equipment - workstation assessment

Display screen equipment (DSE) - workstation assessmentWhenever a new employee starts working with you or there are significant changes to the working environment, you should undertake a workstation assessment. You should also do this if an employee ... Read more

Medical questionnaire

Medical questionnaireA problem for many employers is the risk of hiring a new employee only to find they have long-term health problems that could lead to periods of sickness absence. Use our questionnaire to find out if there's a problem but only use... Read more

Stress management checklist

Stress management checklistMental health concerns have become a hot topic. Use our checklist to discover the potential stressors within your business and identify ways in which you may be able to reduce them.ComplianceWhilst poor mental health is not... Read more

Flow chart - how to comply with the DSE regulations

Flow chart - how to comply with the DSE regulationsAlmost every business uses computers and other display screen equipment. Our flow chart can help you get to grips with the legal requirements. Why use our document? Our flow chart has been designed t... Read more
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