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Medical questionnaire

Medical questionnaireA problem for many employers is the risk of hiring a new employee only to find they have long-term health problems that could lead to periods of sickness absence. Use our questionnaire to find out if there's a problem but only use... Read more

Stress management checklist

Stress management checklistMental health concerns have become a hot topic. Use our checklist to discover the potential stressors within your business and identify ways in which you may be able to reduce them.ComplianceWhilst poor mental health is not... Read more

Flow chart - how to comply with the DSE regulations

Flow chart - how to comply with the DSE regulationsAlmost every business uses computers and other display screen equipment. Our flow chart can help you get to grips with the legal requirements. Why use our document? Our flow chart has been designed t... Read more

Stress self-assessment checklist

Stress self-assessment checklistIf a member of staff tells you that they're suffering with mental health problems caused by their work, evaluate the possible causes in an objective manner. Use our checklist to do this.InvestigationWith our Stress - Se... Read more

Food handlers return to work following sickness form

Food handler's return to work following sickness formThose who handle food should not continue with their duties while there is a risk of contamination. Use our form to ensure that employees are fit to return to work following sickness.Why is this nec... Read more

Flow chart - how to respond to a DSE assessment

Flow chart - how to respond to a DSE assessmentAfter a DSE assessment you may find that further actions are necessary. Follow our flow chart to ensure all appropriate steps are taken to reduce risks to your employees.Why use our document?Our document... Read more

Workstation chair and desk specification

Workstation chair and desk specificationIf a workstation assessment indicates that your standard office furniture is unsuitable for a user, our form can be used to specify the right chair and desk. When should this be used and what does it cover?Gett... Read more

Flow chart - responding to staff illness

Flow chart - Responding to staff illnessAn employee's illness and subsequent return to work must be dealt with carefully to avoid putting them or others at additional risk. Use our flow chart to manage the process safely and professionally.How does it... Read more

Flow chart - health checks at recruitment

Flow chart - health checks at recruitmentWhen recruiting new staff you will often want to check that they're fit for the job. But you need to be very cautious to avoid discrimination. Use our flow chart to keep on track.Careful selectionChecking that ... Read more
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