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Dermatitis management checklist

Dermatitis management checklistDermatitis can affect employees in any workplace, not just those where dangerous chemicals are used. So if an employee says that they have a problem, use our checklist to find some answers.Managing dermatitisAccording t... Read more

Pregnancy health and safety checklist

Pregnancy health and safety checklistSome 97% of potential pregnancy-related tribunal claims involve failure to carry out a risk assessment. This is why we've included a checklist to help you identify any hazards that your assessment should cover.Preg... Read more

Letter to employee health questionnaire

Letter to employee - health questionnaireIf you have concerns over an employee's fitness to work, you may want them to complete a health questionnaire. If so, issue a covering letter to explain exactly what's happening and why.Letter to employeeThere m... Read more

Work activities information sheet

Work activities information sheetIf you wish to contact an employee's GP about their ability to continue carrying out manual handling tasks, you can attach a sheet that gives detailed information on their work activities. Ours can get you started.A re... Read more

Medical consent form for GP and occupational health advisor

Medical consent form for GP and occupational health advisorBefore you can obtain any information on an employee's fitness to work, you must get their written permission. This can be done by issuing a medical consent form that sets out what you want, a... Read more

Asthma management checklist

Asthma management checklistAsthma due to workplace exposure is now the most frequently reported disease. As a sufferer may never work again, you should assess the potential risks. Our checklist can help you do this.Managing asthmaOne health hotspot t... Read more

Sick building syndrome checklist

Sick building syndrome checklistIf employees have complained that their health is being affected by their working environment, you may have a problem with sick building syndrome. If so, use our checklist to identify the problem areas.Sick building sy... Read more
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