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Introduction to this document

Hand-arm vibration calculator

Excessive use of vibrating tools can lead to hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), a debilitating condition characterised by white fingers and a loss of feeling in the hands. Use our calculator to help you to control the risk. 

Measured response

The risk of acquiring HAVS is directly linked to the amount of vibration received and it can be avoided if the level of vibration is kept within safe limits. our Hand-arm Vibration Calculator will help you determine how long a worker can use one or more tools in a day before the exposure limits are exceeded.

Using the calculator

The Hand-arm Vibration Calculator uses a system of “vibration exposure points” so that the points can be added up through the day and you know when you’re at or close to the limit. 100 exposure points is equivalent to 2.5m/s2 A(8) and 400 points is akin to 5m/s2 A(8). If a worker goes over 100 points in a day, i.e. the EAV, steps must be taken to reduce their exposure. It is not permitted to exceed 400 points in a day, as this represents the ELV of 5m/s2 A(8).