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Flow chart - health checks at recruitment

Flow chart - health checks at recruitmentWhen recruiting new staff you will often want to check that they're fit for the job. But you need to be very cautious to avoid discrimination. Use our flow chart to keep on track.Careful selectionChecking that ... Read more

Construction - site health and safety inspection checklist

Construction - site health and safety inspection checklistWhen dealing with construction works, having accurate records of how health and safety is being managed can be invaluable. Use our checklist so you know what information you should record.Site... Read more

Sanitary and washing facilities checklist

Sanitary and washing facilities checklistLegislation lays down certain standards for workplace sanitary and washing facilities that you're required to follow. An easy way of ensuring that you are doing this is to work through our checklist.Maintaining... Read more

Vaccination policy

Vaccination policyIf you've determined that staff need or would benefit from vaccinations, you should develop a policy before beginning your programme. Use our template to create your document.WelfareThe benefits of a vaccination programme provided or... Read more

Flow chart - night worker health

Flow chart - night worker healthNight shift require a health assessment. But when exactly does this apply and how should you go about organising it? Our flow chart explains all.maintaining good healthIt's recognised that working night shifts can be ba... Read more

Guide to kitchen extraction systems

Guide to kitchen extraction systemsThe insurance industry says that 70% of fires in commercial kitchens are caused by a build up of grease in the extraction hood or ductwork. Use our guide to prevent this happening.Major lossesFires which start in th... Read more

Homeworking health and safety policy

Homeworking policyWorking from home can lead to confusion about responsibilities. Use our policy to set out how these are divided between the employee and employer.Legal dilemmaHealth and safety legislation and guidance on homeworking are minimal whi... Read more

Work at height checklist

Work at height checklistFalls are by far the most common cause of fatal accidents at work which is why there are specific regulations governing work at height. Our checklist will ensure your planned project is safe to proceed. In controlA Work at Hei... Read more

Register of health and safety legislation - substances

Register of health and safety legislation - substancesFor some businesses, it's a necessity to have a formal record of legislation which applies to its activities, e.g. if you're going for OHSAS 18001 certification. Our register will help.Putting toget... Read more

Coronavirus health and safety policy

Coronavirus health and safety policyUse our policy to explain how you're managing the risk of coronavirus in the workplace.Viral actionIn our Coronavirus Health and Safety Policy template we have set out the procedures that your organisation will take... Read more
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