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Toolbox talk - CDM 2015

Toolbox talk - CDM 2015When you're starting a new construction project it's beneficial to remind your team of their own and others' roles and responsibilities for health and safety. Use our toolbox talk for this purpose.Not what it seemsConstruction pro... Read more

Machinery purchasing safety checklist

Machinery purchasing safety checklistWhen purchasing machinery you must be sure that it will be safe to use and won't result in unmanageable health risks. Work through our checklist to help ensure that it's fit for purpose.What's covered?Use our Machine... Read more

Homeworking agreement

Homeworking agreement You can keep a lid on your liability for homeworking by using our agreement template.How it worksAlthough employees are responsible for many aspects of safety in their home, it's still a workplace, and the computer and other item... Read more

Flow chart - driving licence checks

Flow chart - driving licence checksIf staff drive for work purposes you must take basic precautions to ensure that they are properly licensed. Use our flow chart to make sure all the formalities are complied with.Checked upOur Flow Chart - Driving Li... Read more

Flow chart - cleaning a neat oil MWF system

Flow chart - cleaning a neat oil MWF systemNeat oil metalworking fluid (MWF) is used to lubricate equipment, tools and workpieces while cutting, drilling, milling, etc. Our flow chart will help to ensure the cleaning process is well understood.How do... Read more

Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres policy

Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres policyIf you have flammable substances or potentially explosive atmospheres to contend with, you'll need strict processes to avoid fires and explosions. Use our policy to outline your specific hazards and... Read more

Home visit checklist

Home visit checklistWhen staff are visiting clients in their own homes there are all sorts of risks which you might not be aware of. However, you still have a responsibility for their safety. Our checklist will ensure that all hazards have been ident... Read more

Construction - site health and safety inspection checklist

Construction - site health and safety inspection checklistWhen dealing with construction works, having accurate records of how health and safety is being managed can be invaluable. Use our checklist so you know what information you should record.Site... Read more

Flow chart - health checks at recruitment

Flow chart - health checks at recruitmentWhen recruiting new staff you will often want to check that they're fit for the job. But you need to be very cautious to avoid discrimination. Use our flow chart to keep on track.Careful selectionChecking that ... Read more

Sanitary and washing facilities checklist

Sanitary and washing facilities checklistLegislation lays down certain standards for workplace sanitary and washing facilities that you're required to follow. An easy way of ensuring that you are doing this is to work through our checklist.Maintaining... Read more
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