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Food delivery checklist - ready to eat foods

If you sell food or provide it as part of a service, you have a legal duty to ensure that it's safe. One of the actions you can take to fulfil this duty is to check the quality and safety of products you receive from suppliers. Use our form to do this... Read more

Compliance audit - site

If you're managing construction works, you must ensure that the health and safety arrangements are up to scratch. You can check this using our form.  In-depth check As construction works have significant risks associated with them, it's vital that sta... Read more

Flow chart - undertaking a COSHH_assessment

Completing a COSHH assessment may seem daunting. Follow our flow chart to help you manage the process in a safe and professional way. How does it work? Following our Flow Chart - Undertaking a COSHH Assessment will help you to conform with the Contro... Read more

Work at height safety policy

Work at height safety policy If staff work at height, it's prudent to introduce a policy to show that you take their health and safety seriously. It's also useful to be able to show any inspectors who may visit you. Work at height safety policy If seve... Read more

COSHH/DSEAR assessment record

If you use hazardous or dangerous substances, or create them as by-products of your processes, then you need to undertake a specific type of risk assessment. Our record has been created for that purpose. How to use the form Before starting ensure tha... Read more

Working in loading and unloading areas

Working in loading and unloading areas Working in loading and unloading areas may present risks to staff and others. So use our document to help you identify the hazards and appropriate control measures. Managing the risks To help you identify the h... Read more

Work equipment - safe system of work

It's vital that staff are trained in the safe systems of work they should follow when using machinery. You can achieve this using our form. Simple guide If staff are using machinery, such as lathes, drills etc. there are risks associated. The operato... Read more

Flow chart - responding to staff illness

An employee's illness and subsequent return to work must be dealt with carefully to avoid putting them or others at additional risk. Use our flow chart to manage the process safely and professionally. How does it work? Our Flow Chart - Responding to S... Read more

Fridge and freezer temperature records

Monitoring fridge and freezer temperatures is a necessary requirement in a commercial kitchen. Use our form to record your findings. Why you need to keep records Cold and frozen food must be stored at the correct temperature as part of your food safe... Read more

COSHH/DSEAR assessment - concrete

If employees work with concrete you will need to assess the risks and decide how it can be done safely. Use our example COSHH/ DSEAR assessment to do this. Careful selection The handling of concrete involves risks to health at all stages including whe... Read more
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