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Hand-arm vibration tool register

Hand-arm vibration tool registerHand-arm vibration syndrome is a debilitating condition caused by excessive use of hand-held powered equipment. When managing the risk, the first step is to record details of your equipment on a register.The tool regis... Read more

Display screen equipment - workstation assessment

Display screen equipment (DSE) - workstation assessmentWhenever a new employee starts working with you or there are significant changes to the working environment, you should undertake a workstation assessment. You should also do this if an employee ... Read more

Asbestos record - routine monitoring

Asbestos record - routine monitoringIf you own or manage premises, you have a duty to prevent exposure to asbestos and one of the actions to be taken is to monitor the condition of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Use our document to record your... Read more

Procurement - policy and procedure

Procurement - policy and procedureThe health and safety management system ISO 45001 introduced a requirement to have formal controls on those who are appointed as subcontractors. Our policy and procedure sets out how you can achieve this. The risksIS... Read more

H&S induction - delivery drivers

H&S induction - delivery driverEnsuring staff receive a thorough induction is an essential part of keeping them safe at work, but if you employ delivery drivers you might find that your generic staff induction process is a poor fit. Use our document ... Read more

Register of health and safety legislation - food

Register of health and safety legislation - foodIf you run a food business it is sensible to maintain a register of legislation. Use our document to keep up to date.Maintaining controlOur Register of Health and Safety Legislation - Food has been deve... Read more

Gas cylinder storage checklist

Gas cylinder storage checklistAny gas cylinders on your site must be stored in a safe way.  Use our checklist to review your current arrangements and determine any improvements needed.What's the risk?Gas cylinders are hazardous regardless of the cont... Read more

Flow chart - asbestos management

Flow chart - asbestos managementIf you own or manage premises, you have a duty to ensure that staff and others are not exposed to asbestos. Our flow chart shows you what steps are legally required when managing this risk.Legal dutyThe Control of Asbe... Read more

Health and safety action plan

Health & safety action planIf you are making improvements to reduce risks, use our action plan to record what's been done and when.Paper trailKeeping track of what's been done and when can be a challenge. However, when it comes to health and safety, it... Read more

Shift working policy

Shift working policyIf employees work shifts you should have a policy in place to cover the particular risks and requirements which apply. Use our document to set out your management arrangements and your expectations of employees.Why you need our do... Read more
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