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Flow chart - work equipment selection

Flow chart - work equipment selectionWhen choosing new equipment, particularly if it's powered machinery, you need to ensure it's suited to your environment and meets all the required standards. Follow our flow chart to ensure you get it right.How does... Read more

Residential property safety checklist

Residential property safety checklistIf you're responsible for accommodation which is let out as living space, there are various health and safety considerations. Our checklist will help you with your on-site checks. Using the documentMany people thin... Read more

Alleged or suspected food poisoning incident form

Alleged or suspected food poisoning incident formIf you are accused of causing food poisoning, you'll need to gather information to defend your position. Use our form to do this effectively.Helpful in formationDo not admit liability at the time of the... Read more

Flow chart - contractor management

Flow chart - contractor managementYou have chosen a contractor to complete construction work and you're starting to plan how the work will take place. Our flow chart will ensure that you fulfil your client duties under health and safety legislation.Wh... Read more

Pre-opening checklist

Pre-opening checklistIf you're running an event, one of your first priorities is to select a venue which can safely accommodate your planned activities. But having chosen the right premises, you still have work to do. Use our pre-opening checklist to ... Read more

Food complaint form

Food complaint formIf you receive a complaint about food you have sold, information must be gathered from the complainant and others. Use our form to do this effectively.Why is this important?Keeping track of a complaint involving contaminated food s... Read more

Scaffold specification checklist

Scaffold specification checklistIf you need a scaffold, the HSE suggests that you should provide a specification. Use our form to do this. What's covered?Industry standardIf you need to work at height for prolonged periods, a fixed scaffold is often n... Read more

Flow chart - contractor selection

Flow chart - contractor selectionWhen appointing maintenance or construction contractors, you must ensure that they're competent. Follow our flow chart to ensure that your process is compliant.Why is this important?When you contract out maintenance or... Read more

Site setup checklist

Site setup checklistWhen you start a construction project, there are many issues to consider - not least ticking the health and safety boxes. To ensure you don't overlook anything important, use our checklist.So many things to rememberWhen you set up ... Read more

H&S induction - simple arrangements

H&S induction - simple arrangementsWhen new staff start you should complete an induction that covers your health and safety arrangements. Use our document to guide you through the process.IntroductionIf you have simple arrangements and operate a low-... Read more
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