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Vibration tools safety procedure

Vibration tools safety procedureAs vibration tools can cause health problems if not used properly, it's important to instruct new staff on their safe use. Do this by incorporating a safety procedure into your induction training.Vibration tools safety ... Read more

Work at height checklist

Work at height checklistConstruction work involves a serious risk of falls. In order to help you reduce the risk, use our checklist to help you plan and safely manage the work.Work at heightWe have included a variety of documents which will help you ... Read more

Contractual terms health and safety

Contractual terms - health and safetyAs part of good health and safety management, you may need to strengthen your position by putting matters on a contractual basis. To help you do this, we have included a range of common terms.Safety-related contra... Read more

Dermatitis management checklist

Dermatitis management checklistDermatitis can affect employees in any workplace, not just those where dangerous chemicals are used. So if an employee says that they have a problem, use our checklist to find some answers.Managing dermatitisAccording t... Read more

Cash handling checklist

Cash handling checklistIf you handle large quantities of cash, it's important to manage its safety as well as that of those who handle it. With this in mind, we have devised a cash handling checklist to help you do this.Security measuresAnother catego... Read more

Manual handling management checklist

Manual handling management checklistAbout a third of all over three-day injuries are caused by manual handling. Therefore you need to adopt a thorough approach that looks at the legal requirements and checks you've implemented some practical solutions... Read more

Foreign travel policy

Foreign travel policyHaving a checklist is only part of the process of managing any foreign travel risks. In order to give it status, it should be part of a wider policy. We have provided a sample to give you an idea of what to include.Responding to ... Read more

Machinery purchasing safety checklist

Machinery purchasing safety checklistBuying machinery is a big investment for any business and there are numerous issues to consider. In order to give you a head start, work through our checklist to help ensure that it's fit for its purpose.A purchasi... Read more

Bomb threat checklist

Bomb threat checklistWhilst the risk of a terrorist attack is small for most businesses, it's still advisable to be prepared. Our bomb threat checklist can help you do this by allowing you to record key details to pass on to the police.Bomb threatsWhi... Read more

Slips and trips checklist

Slips and trips checklistA common cause of accidents is slips and trips. One way of reducing the likelihood of such accidents arising is to use our checklist.Managing the risksA major cause of workplace accidents is poorly maintained walkways and ina... Read more
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