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First aid needs assessment

First aid needs assessmentTo keep your employees safe and comply with the law you must have a sufficient level of first aid cover. Use our document to carry out and record your assessment.Do you need to do this?To comply with the Health and Safety (F... Read more

Site paperwork checklist

Site paperwork checklistBefore work starts on a construction site, there are numerous pieces of health and safety paperwork to account for. Use our checklist to ensure your files, notices and processes are in order.Getting organisedHaving a proper pl... Read more

Display screen equipment policy

Display screen equipment policyAs display screen equipment is a regular feature of any business, it's useful to have a policy that sets out how you implement the legal requirements surrounding its use. Our template will get you started.Keeping up to d... Read more

Coronavirus checklist - visitors and contractors

Coronavirus checklist - visitors and contractorsDue to coronavirus many businesses have put a stop to visitors and contractors coming on site, but some visits are necessary. Use our checklist to ensure that your arrangements are robust.Why you need i... Read more

Flow chart - cleaning a water-mix MWF system

Flow chart - cleaning a water-mix MWF systemMetalworking fluid (MWF) is used to lubricate and cool equipment and workpieces during machining, but whilst doing so it also generates a mist which is potentially harmful. Use our flow chart to keep this t... Read more

Whole body vibration checklist

Whole body vibration checklistIf you use machinery or vehicles which cause vibration throughout the body, you have duties under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 (CVWR) to manage that risk. Our checklist will set you on the right path... Read more

First aid at work policy

First aid at work policyUnless your first aid arrangements are very basic, e.g. one first aider and a first aid kit, it's beneficial to have a formal policy to detail how you approach and manage first aid. This will help to show everyone in the busine... Read more

Contact tracing support form

Contact tracing support formTo support the NHS Test and Trace strategy, some organisations are being asked to collect customer and visitor details. If this applies to you, use our form to gather the information.Our formOur Contact Tracing Support For... Read more

Flow chart - food deliveries

Flow chart - Food deliveriesWhen staff take receipt of a food delivery it's critical that they carry out detailed checks before accepting it into your catering store. Our flow chart summarises how you should do this.What's included?Our Flow Chart - Foo... Read more

First aid kit contents checklist

First aid kit contents checklistIf a ready-stocked first aid kit doesn't meet your organisation's particular needs, you can make up your own. If you need some help, just run through our contents checklist in order to ensure that you leave nothing out.C... Read more
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