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Flow chart - when a risk assessment is needed

Flow chart - when a risk assessment is neededThe process of carrying out risk assessments is relatively simple, but our flow chart will help ensure that you have enough documents to cover the right areas.How does it work?If you have five or more empl... Read more

Project health and safety diary

Project health and safety diaryMaintaining a project diary can help to you to keep on top of compliance issues and more. TimelineThe Project Health and Safety Diary can be used to record brief details of any significant events and be kept on file for... Read more

Food handlers return to work following sickness form

Food handler's return to work following sickness formThose who handle food should not continue with their duties while there is a risk of contamination. Use our form to ensure that employees are fit to return to work following sickness.Why is this nec... Read more

Flow chart - near misses

Flow chart - near missesA near miss is an incident which did not result in an injury, illness or damage, but had the potential to do so. If you are unsure how best to deal with such events our flow chart will help.Why record them?A near miss is an op... Read more

Safety meeting minutes

Safety meeting minutesIf you have health and safety issues to discuss, you may want to do so in a formal meeting. Use our form to complete detailed meeting minutes. Record of eventsTo maximise the impact of your meeting, keep formal Safety Meeting Mi... Read more

Pest monitoring record

Pest monitoring recordIf you have identified a risk of pest infestation within your premises, you need to undertake regular inspections. Use our form to record any pest-related sightings.Using the formWhether or not you have regular checks completed ... Read more

Method statement

Method statement - masterOur method statement document makes it easier than ever to define how to complete a construction-related task. InstructionsAs there are considerable risks associated with many construction-related tasks, you cannot leave thin... Read more

Permit to work - contractor management

Permit to work - contractor managementIf you have contractors on site, work must be managed so that neither your staff nor theirs are put at risk. Keep controlIf you have contractors on site, you need to have made appropriate arrangements to ensure t... Read more

Flow chart - introducing work equipment

Flow chart - introducing work equipmentYou have carefully chosen a new piece of equipment for your business. What are you legally required to do when introducing it into the workplace? Our flow chart explains the action to take.How does it work?Our F... Read more

Mobile staff safety checklist

Mobile staff safety checklistWhen staff work away from your premises, you still have a responsibility for their safety. Use our checklist to ensure you've covered the key points. Why is this important?When travelling, staff can be at risk from road t... Read more
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