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Confined space rescue plan

Confined space rescue planWhen work takes place in confined spaces such as drains, silos or tanks, it's essential that you have a rescue plan in place. Our template will help you prepare one.Being preparedThe term "confined space" refers to a place such... Read more

Quick guide to RIDDOR 2013

Quick guide to RIDDOR 2013If there's an accident or a case of work-related illness in your business, you'll need to promptly check if it's reportable to the HSE. Use our quick reference guide to do this.Report itThe types of incident which are reportabl... Read more

Rules for first aiders-appointed persons

Rules for first aiders/appointed personsAs with any aspect of the employment relationship, it's important that you make it clear to those with first aid duties, just what you expect of them. With this in mind, issue some simple rules so they know what ... Read more

LPG safety checklist

LPG safety checklistLiquefied petroleum gas (LPG) such as propane and butane is a fire and explosion risk so needs to be treated with respect. Use our checklist to ensure the risks are tightly controlled.  The dangersLPG is highly dangerous, taking ... Read more

Slips and trips checklist

Slips and trips checklistA common cause of accidents is slips and trips. One way of reducing the likelihood of such accidents arising is to use our checklist.Managing the risksA major cause of workplace accidents is poorly maintained walkways and ina... Read more

Work equipment - routine inspection report

Work equipment - routine inspection reportIt's common practice, especially in construction, to have a log book for routine work equipment inspections. Use our report to record the outcome.The lawThe Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998... Read more

Accident report form

Accident report formDepending on the needs of your business, you may find that the standard accident book doesn't fully meet your needs. If so, take a look at our form as it contains all the key information in one place.Reporting accidentsDepending on... Read more

Metalworking fluid record form

Metalworking fluid record formMetalworking fluid (MWF) can deteriorate over time and cause ill health so you need to check and refresh it frequently. Use our record form to keep a note of your weekly and daily programme of inspection.What's covered?To... Read more

Occupational health management checklist

Occupational health management checklistPriorities for the enforcing authorities have changed and businesses are now much more likely to be questioned on their occupational health arrangements. If you're not sure how you would fare under scrutiny, use... Read more

No smoking policy

No smoking policyThe smoking ban that applies to most enclosed or partially enclosed workplaces and public premises is now well established. Use our template to make sure that your policy complies across the UK.What's  covered?Smoke-free legislation ... Read more
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