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Introduction to this document

Vibration tools safety procedure

As vibration tools can cause health problems if not used properly, it’s important to instruct new staff on their safe use. Do this by incorporating a safety procedure into your induction training.

Vibration tools safety procedure

As part of good safety management and with an eye on reducing your exposure to potential liability for ailments such as vibration white finger (VWF), it’s vitally important that employees are trained in how to use vibration tools correctly. With this in mind, you could introduce a Vibration Tools Safety Procedure. Apart from being used as part of your induction training process, it can also be used to train any existing staff who move into new roles that involve vibration tools.

Putting the checklist to use

It covers training on the importance of using any vibration mounts that are available and how to identify basic faults in the tools. It then moves onto instruction on the main symptoms of VWF and the measures to take to avoid its onset, e.g. by taking regular breaks away from vibration tools. At the end, there is space for the individual to sign and confirm that they have understood the training. Whilst this isn’t foolproof, it will go a long way to demonstrating that you’ve taken reasonable steps to reduce the risks.