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Introduction to this document

Machinery purchasing safety checklist

Buying machinery is a big investment for any business and there are numerous issues to consider. In order to give you a head start, work through our checklist to help ensure that it’s fit for its purpose.

A purchasing checklist

Buying new or even used machinery represents a major investment. However, cost isn’t the only consideration, as you need to ensure that it’s fit for its purpose etc. One reliable way of doing this is to use a Machinery Purchasing Safety Checklist, which can be used whether you’re looking for something new, or if it’s second-hand equipment. The advantage of this type of checklist is two-fold. Firstly, it contains the type of questions which will enable you to demonstrate that you’ve taken steps to comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), and secondly, it provides a useful record for your files. This is important in terms of managing safety as the need to demonstrate a paper trail is becoming increasingly necessary, not only in the event of an accident, but to keep your Employers’ Liability insurers happy. Its other advantage is that it reminds you of questions which you may not have thought of asking - so it could save you from making some expensive mistakes. The checklist is divided into three sections.

Using the checklist

The first section is suitable if you’re looking to purchase new equipment, e.g. you’re prompted to ensure that it has both a CE mark and a “Certificate of Conformity”. The second section looks at purchasing second-hand equipment and whilst containing broadly similar questions to the first, considers the specific needs of second-hand users. For example, if spare parts are still available for the machinery and if full operating instructions are provided. The last section applies sound and vibration levels. In so doing, it prompts you to identify if measures have been taken to reduce both as far as possible.