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Introduction to this document

Flow chart - cleaning a water-mix MWF system

Metalworking fluid (MWF) is used to lubricate and cool equipment and workpieces during machining, but whilst doing so it also generates a mist which is potentially harmful. Use our flow chart to keep this type of system healthy.

How does it work?

MWF is generally held in a sump from where it is pumped through a series of pipes to the tool head. It’s then collected in a catchment tray at the machine, before flowing back to the sump for re-use.

Water-mix MWF is a complex mix of oils, detergents, surfactants, biocides and anti-corrosion agents, diluted with water. Regular attention is essential to keep it in good condition as it readily becomes contaminated with bacteria and chemicals, potentially leading to dermatitis and lung disease in workers. It’s therefore critical to have a regular routine of cleaning and replacement of the fluid.

Use our Flow Chart - Cleaning a Water-Mix MWF System document to instruct responsible staff in the steps to be followed.

Note. If you are in any doubt about the frequency or the parameters of your test results, consult your MWF supplier. Always adhere to the supplier’s recommendations when carrying out this procedure.