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Introduction to this document

Flow chart - cleaning a neat oil MWF system

Neat oil metalworking fluid (MWF) is used to lubricate equipment, tools and workpieces while cutting, drilling, milling, etc. Our flow chart will help to ensure the cleaning process is well understood.

How does it work?

Neat oil MWF is generally held in a sump from where it is pumped to the tooling machine through a series of pipes to the point of use. The oil is collected and returned to the sump for re-use and in the process it becomes contaminated with various substances and grows bacteria, creating a risk to health for your workers.

You can reduce this risk by following our Flow Chart - Cleaning a Neat Oil MWF System.

Warning. Skin contact with the MWF should be avoided, but the use of gloves when working at a rotating machine is not recommended due to the risk of being caught and drawn in. Therefore, consider this risk alongside the risk of MWF.