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Introduction to this document

Vibrating tools policy

If your staff use hand-held power tools, such as strimmers, chainsaws, hammer drills etc., then you’ll need to comply with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. Use our policy to set out your arrangements.

What’s covered?

Our policy starts with a general statement showing your commitment to controlling the risks from hand-held vibrating tools and then briefly outlines the regulatory requirements. Here the EAV and ELV exposure limits are explained.

The document states that you have undertaken a risk assessment and identified activities which carry an acceptable level of risk and those which are a concern. Space is provided for you to list your findings: (1) activities which are below the EAV; (2) those which exceed the EAV; (3) those which may exceed the ELV; and (4) your risk control measures.

In addition there are sections describing your arrangements for staff training, health surveillance and record keeping.