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Health and safety whistleblowing policy

Health & safety whistleblowing policyIf employees come forward with concerns about hazards, short cuts or mismanagement, they should be protected from any adverse reaction. Use our document to set out your expectations for both employees and manageme... Read more

Shift working policy

Shift working policyIf employees work shifts you should have a policy in place to cover the particular risks and requirements which apply. Use our document to set out your management arrangements and your expectations of employees.Why you need our do... Read more

Racking safety policy

Racking safety policyYou should be wary of taking your racking's stability for granted. To ensure that you have the correct management procedures for this equipment, use our template.Hidden dangerIf racking is poorly installed, overloaded, climbed on,... Read more

First aid at work policy

First aid at work policyUnless your first aid arrangements are very simple, e.g. one first aider and a first aid kit, it's beneficial to have a formal policy to detail how you approach and manage first aid. This will help to show everyone in the busin... Read more

Work at height safety policy

Work at height safety policyIf staff work at height, it's prudent to introduce a policy to show that you take their health and safety seriously. It's also useful to be able to show any inspectors who may visit you.Work at height safety policyIf several... Read more

Violence at work policy

Violence at work policyIf your staff are at risk of violent behaviour or threats whilst at work, you should have a policy setting out how you will manage the issue. What's covered in our template policy?Protecting your staffThe aims of our Violence at... Read more

Car park policy

Car park policyWhether your parking area is large or small, public or private, you must ensure that it can be used safely. Use our new policy to set out your arrangements and allocate responsibilities.What's covered?The primary hazard in a car park is... Read more

Performance monitoring policy

Performance monitoring policyTo ensure that your health and safety management system is robust you must include arrangements for monitoring and reviewing standards. Use our policy template for this purpose.Why might you need it?Once you have establis... Read more

Contractor management policy

Contractor management policyWhen you engage contractors to work on your premises it's still regarded as part of your business activity. Use our contractor management policy to show how your managers control such work.What's covered?The policy sets out:... Read more

Driving at work policy

Driving at work policyAs the police now investigate work-related road traffic accidents more carefully than they used to, you should play it safe and introduce a comprehensive driving at work policy. Managing driving risksEach year it's estimated that... Read more
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