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Introduction to this document

Social event safety checklist

If not well organised, even social events can be vulnerable to claims in the event of an accident. For this reason, we’ve produced a checklist to help ensure that you’ve considered safety in your event planning.

Social events

Unfortunately, whilst laid on for the benefit of staff, employers are becoming increasingly vulnerable to personal injury claims as a result of accidents sustained at work social events. This doesn’t just refer to those which are held on your own premises, but to those organised through and run by an external provider. In order to help reduce the likelihood of an accident, a Social Event Safety Checklist could be used to help ensure that the necessary safety considerations are included at the planning stage.

Using the checklist

Our checklist starts by encouraging you to consider if there have been any previous complaints or accidents at similar social events. It then moves on to a review of any safety equipment that may be required, and any extra insurance, such as an extension to your Employers’ Liability cover. Other questions look at how external providers manage safety, and what controls will be in place to limit the amount of alcohol available, due to the increased risk of accidents.