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Introduction to this document

Site paperwork checklist

Before work starts on a construction site, there are numerous pieces of health and safety paperwork to account for. Use our checklist to ensure your files, notices and processes are in order.

Getting organised

Having a proper plan for your site safety paperwork will set you up for a smooth-running project. Not only will you comply with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, you’ll have the building blocks in place to meet various other requirements linked with work equipment, vibration at work, personal protective equipment, etc.

Our Site Paperwork Checklist is a comprehensive document which includes actions to comply with the law and good practice.

Note. It covers everything we feel you need for larger projects, therefore if you only have a small and simple site, implement the suggestions in a proportionate way. If the recommendations are not required, mark then as “not applicable”, and move on.