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Introduction to this document

Register of permit issuers

If tasks are high risk then you may want to issue a permit to work before the work is allowed to start. Keep a register of who is authorised to issue these documents with our register of permit issuers.

How to use the form

You should complete the types of permit to work used within your organisation in the left-hand column.

Having decided who will be issuing the permits, you’ll need to make sure they have the right combination of skills, knowledge and other qualities to take on the role of permit issuer. The managers and staff designated to do this need to have a good understanding of the processes, the risks involved, appropriate risk control measures and the correct use of the permit to work paperwork.

Complete the names alongside the dates of training.

Finally, add details in the final column of any particular considerations and restrictions, e.g. areas of the premises where the permit is required, or work which may only be carried out by specialist contractors.