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Introduction to this document

Procurement - small works & maintenance

If you’re seeking to employ a contractor to carry out basic maintenance works, use our form to check that they have appropriate arrangements in place to manage safety risks.

Reducing the risks

When you bring others on to your premises you run the risk of employing someone who doesn’t treat health and safety rules with the same level of respect that you do. To minimise the likelihood of this happening, complete a formal assessment.

 New approach

Our Procurement - Small Works & Maintenance document has simplified the assessment process and added value to it. Rather than the document simply being an assessment of the contractor, it also includes a formal agreement by them to follow rules and work safely on your job. Page two covers the agreement. The form also includes some basic terms and conditions.

 Note. This document has been tailored for relatively small and simple jobs.

Reliance on industry standards

We have pointed the assessment towards the Safety Schemes in Procurement scheme as it is effectively the industry standard for contractors.

However, rather than making this a mandatory requirement, the form gives the contractor the option to demonstrate that they have appropriate arrangements in place by sending over copies of safety policy documents and sample method statements instead.