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Introduction to this document

Procurement – Outsourcing (Non-construction)

If outsourcing a project to other contractors, use our document to ensure health and safety standards are maintained.

Industry standard

 If you engage subcontractors to complete projects on your behalf, it’s vital to ensure that they have the resources to complete the job safely. Our Procurement - Outsourcing (Non-Construction) document will help you to conduct a thorough assessment of anyone you’re considering taking on for the job.

Industry specific

This form should be used when outsourcing non-construction related works.

It asks the potential subcontractor to provide details about their firm, including tax, finance and details of all insurances held. Next the document asks them to identify if they have any quality, health, safety and environment accreditations/certifications. If they hold suitable third-party accreditations, the contractor only needs to provide evidence of the award. If not, the form asks them to provide evidence of the arrangements they have in place. This includes a copy of their health and safety policy, evidence of staff training and a sample risk assessment and method statement for a project. Whoever is assessing the suitability of the contractor will have to make a decision on whether they believe the paperwork supplied is good enough.