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Individual training record

Individual training recordIf staff training involves a number of procedures and processes, you need to record what's been covered. Use this form to maintain your paper trail. Multiple aspectsEnsuring that all aspects of a job are covered in staff trai... Read more

Flow chart - when a risk assessment is needed

Flow chart - when a risk assessment is neededThe process of carrying out risk assessments is relatively simple, but our flow chart will help ensure that you have enough documents to cover the right areas.How does it work?If you have five or more empl... Read more

Project health and safety diary

Project health and safety diaryMaintaining a project diary can help to you to keep on top of compliance issues and more. TimelineThe Project Health and Safety Diary can be used to record brief details of any significant events and be kept on file for... Read more

Safety meeting minutes

Safety meeting minutesIf you have health and safety issues to discuss, you may want to do so in a formal meeting. Use our form to complete detailed meeting minutes. Record of eventsTo maximise the impact of your meeting, keep formal Safety Meeting Mi... Read more

Permit to work - contractor management

Permit to work - contractor managementIf you have contractors on site, work must be managed so that neither your staff nor theirs are put at risk. Keep controlIf you have contractors on site, you need to have made appropriate arrangements to ensure t... Read more

H&S induction - simple arrangements

H&S induction - simple arrangementsWhen new staff start you should complete an induction that covers your health and safety arrangements. Use our document to guide you through the process.IntroductionIf you have simple arrangements and operate a low-... Read more

Flow chart - health and safety audit

Flow chart - health and safety audit Completing a detailed health and safety audit can help ensure your business is doing everything it can to keep everyone safe. Follow our flow chart to guide you through the process.How does it work?Our Flow Chart... Read more

Flow chart - dealing with health and safety concerns

Flow chart - dealing with health and safety concernsHealth and safety concerns raised by both employees and non-employees should be taken seriously and investigated. Follow our flow chart to respond to a problem.How does it work?Our Flow Chart - Deal... Read more

Document register

Document registerKeeping control of health and safety documents can be a challenge. Use our register to make it clear what you have and what you need.Why you might need it?It's likely that you will have a number of risk assessments, policies, procedur... Read more

Room hire agreement

Room hire agreementIf you're considering hiring out a meeting room use our room hire agreement to ensure your bookings run smoothly and safely.Agreeing the rulesNot having a detailed agreement in place when hiring rooms can leave you and your business... Read more
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