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Flow chart - new and expectant mothers at work

Flow chart - new and expectant mothers at workWomen who are expecting a baby or have recently given birth need special protection to avoid harm to themselves and their infant. Use our flow chart to ensure your procedures are in good order.The lawAs a... Read more

Procurement - small works and maintenance

Procurement - small works & maintenanceIf you're seeking to employ a contractor to carry out basic maintenance works, use our form to check that they have appropriate arrangements in place to manage safety risks. Reducing the risksWhen you bring other... Read more

Procurement - policy and procedure

Procurement - policy and procedureThe health and safety management system ISO 45001 introduced a requirement to have formal controls on those who are appointed as subcontractors. Our policy and procedure sets out how you can achieve this. The risksIS... Read more

Register of health and safety legislation - food

Register of health and safety legislation - foodIf you run a food business it is sensible to maintain a register of legislation. Use our document to keep up to date.Maintaining controlOur Register of Health and Safety Legislation - Food has been deve... Read more

Health and safety action plan

Health & safety action planIf you are making improvements to reduce risks, use our action plan to record what's been done and when.Paper trailKeeping track of what's been done and when can be a challenge. However, when it comes to health and safety, it... Read more

Food safety and hygiene training record

Food safety and hygiene training recordIf you operate a kitchen you must provide your staff with training in food safety and hygiene. Use our form as a reminder of the topics to cover and to sign to confirm that it's been done.Why do you need it?Havin... Read more

Flow chart - product safety recall/withdrawal

Flow chart - product safety recall/withdrawalDespite your best efforts, occasionally the products you supply may be unsafe. You need to be prepared to take appropriate action in such a situation. Use our flow chart to take you through the right steps.... Read more

Health and safety record keeping guide

Health and safety record keepingMany pieces of health and safety legislation include a requirement to retain records, such as risk assessments, accident reports, etc. Use our new guide to check that you're on track.Hidden requirementsTo ensure that yo... Read more

Respiratory protective equipment checklist

Respiratory protective equipment checklistOur checklist will help you to select and manage this essential equipment, safeguarding the health of employees and keeping you on the right side of the law.Why use our form?Choosing respiratory protective eq... Read more

Product recall/withdrawal form

Product recall/withdrawal formIf you identify a product is not safe for consumers, you must instigate a recall or withdrawal to remove it from circulation. Use our form to help with this process.Making things rightA "withdrawal" of a product is the term... Read more
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