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Introduction to this document

Manual handling management checklist

About a third of all over three-day injuries are caused by manual handling. Therefore you need to adopt a thorough approach that looks at the legal requirements and checks you’ve implemented some practical solutions. That’s where our checklist comes in.

Legal burden

Our Manual Handling Management Checklist includes some questions which are directly related to legal requirements. The first, and perhaps most important, of these asks whether hazardous manual handling activities have been avoided. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 specifically require employers to make this evaluation as their first step to controlling manual handling hazards. Further questions also relate directly to legislation and cover topics such as risk assessment, training, supervision, and the provision of personal protective clothing, including gloves and steel toe caps. We’ve also included some questions which double-check that you’ve completed the required tasks in an effective manner. These check, for example, that the risk assessments have been carried out by suitably trained or experienced assessors and that the risks to more vulnerable staff, such as those who are pregnant, have been considered.

Pragmatic questions

The rest of the questions are much more practical. They cover some of the common manual handling problems which occur in the workplace, and check that you’ve considered any practical solutions available. Other questions look at the arrangement of items on shelving, the handling of glass, loading and unloading, provision of trolleys etc.