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Introduction to this document

Health and safety committee agenda

If you have a formal health and safety committee, it’s a good idea to have a standard agenda to keep your meetings on track. This way you’ll ensure that all the appropriate legal boxes are ticked.

Why do you need it?

It’s permissible to consult with workers directly on health and safety matters in individual or team discussions but having a formal committee meeting may be a better option.

The problem with less formal arrangements is that it can be hard to prove that you consulted. Plus, if you genuinely want input from your employees, it can be more effective to set aside a specific time for your consultations.

There are certain topics you must consult on: new technology, changes likely to affect health and safety, information/ training and the appointment of competent advisors. Using our Health and Safety Committee Agenda, ensures these legally-required subjects are discussed, along with accidents, hazard notices, inspection reports, policy revisions etc.

Our agenda can be applied to almost any type of business, amended as necessary.