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Introduction to this document

H&S assessment - work experience

If you’re sending pupils on work experience placements, it’s important that you identify whether a potential host has suitable arrangements in place to manage health and safety risks.

Checking a potential host’s arrangements

Each year, schools and colleges place many thousands of pupils in workplaces so that they can gain valuable work experience. However, the government has made a pledge to stop such organisations asking for “gold plated” standards when it comes to health and safety arrangements. Instead, it wants them to check that potential hosts’ arrangements meet basic legal requirements, but nothing more. This is where our H&S Assessment - Work Experience document comes in.

Two parts

The first section of the document is a letter, which informs the host of your intentions to complete a basic assessment on the health and safety arrangements in place. The second section is a questionnaire. This asks the host to identify whether it has a health and safety policy, risk assessments, appropriate insurance etc.

The company completing the document is asked to provide supporting information to back up its answers.