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Introduction to this document

Damage/defect report

Our form will help you to keep a log of any damage or defects to the building’s fabric, fixed installations, equipment, furnishings and fittings. It will also help ensure that there’s an effective response from management.

What’s covered

Staff will only continue to report damage and defects if they think you care and want them to be fixed. Keeping them interested in reporting is an important part of your accident prevention strategy, not to mention the quality of your operations and business continuity.

Our form is in two parts. The first is to be completed by the member of staff making the report. They’re asked to classify whether it’s critical, i.e. needing urgent attention, or non-critical. Once they’ve done this, the receiving manager then writes down their response (part two). There are three elements to the action they can take: (1) immediate action to make safe; (2) permanent action to repair; and (3) actions to prevent a recurrence.