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Introduction to this document

Method statement evaluation

Use our method statement evaluation to check that what you receive from a contractor is OK to use and that the key points are covered.

Why do you need it?

Clients have a responsibility for the safety of a contractor’s work. So when any significant maintenance, repair or construction work is undertaken it’s good practice to request a risk assessment and method statement in advance. When you receive them it’s not just a case of filing them. Whilst you’re not expected to second-guess a competent contractor, you are expected to question the obvious, e.g. if work at height is being carried out from ladders would a work platform be more suitable?

How to use it?

Our form can be used to evaluate the method statement, plus there’s room to comment on any gaps, weaknesses or, indeed, strengths. If the statement isn’t satisfactory the form can then be copied to the contractor when they’re asked to resubmit their method statement.

Make sure that whoever carries out the evaluation has a reasonable knowledge of the type of work and the hazards involved.