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Introduction to this document

Construction minor works - pre-start checklist

Before carrying out building alterations, repairs or maintenance, it’s sensible to check that the key safety arrangements are in place. Use our checklist as a pre-requisite before any such work begins.

Using the form

Whether the work takes place on your own premises or those of a third party, the correct preparations will pay dividends. Incidents can occur when, for example, the team tries to get by without an essential piece of equipment or forgets to check for hazards such as asbestos.

This Construction Minor Works - Pre-start Checklist is designed as a supplement to your risk assessment and method statement and can be completed by the workers themselves. There are 22 points in total and each one is to be marked “Yes” or “N/A” in the adjacent columns. These cover the information needed, such as the construction phase plan as well as equipment, materials and facilities. You should tailor the contents to suit your own business.

Note. Although it’s written in an easy-to-read style, to avoid misunderstandings workers who are expected to use it should be briefed beforehand.