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Introduction to this document

Construction - site health and safety inspection checklist

When dealing with construction works, having accurate records of how health and safety is being managed can be invaluable. Use our checklist so you know what information you should record.

Site visit

Use our Construction - Site Health and Safety Inspection Checklist to record the findings of a formal compliance check. By following the checklist, you will cover the most significant aspects of health and safety compliance on a site and have a detailed record of compliance standards at the time of inspection.


The form asks you to consult with those working on site. Here we suggest you ask for their opinion on how health and safety is being managed and for them to raise any concerns they may have. Next, you should identify what PPE must be worn and how many staff are/are not wearing it.

Questions on compliance standards cover everything from induction training right through to the standard of work being completed. As well as ticking the appropriate box, the form provides space for you to elaborate on your answer if necessary. The form has three boxes for photos, but we suggest you add as many as you feel necessary. Include images that show the best and the worst standards you found during the inspection.