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Introduction to this document

Client’s CDM compliance checklist

The CDM Regulations apply to all construction projects and clients have a key role to play. Our checklist will help you to understand and meet your legal duties.

CDM Regulations

When the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 replaced the 2007 Regulations, clients were given additional responsibilities for health and safety.

There are extensive requirements for projects, even those on a small scale.

Note. “Construction work” includes everything you would expect, as well as some less obvious activities like building repairs and maintenance, redecoration, high-pressure cleaning and work on fixed services such as electrical, gas and telephone installations. Where building and installation work will last for more than 30 working days or 500 person days of construction, the project is “notifiable” under the Regulations. For these larger projects, there are additional duties placed on all those involved, including clients.

What’s covered?

The Client’s CDM Compliance Checklist will help you check that you have met the construction management requirements whenever you are responsible for organising construction work.

Note. The term “client” applies to an individual, partnership or company and includes those property developers or management companies dealing with domestic properties. Examples of the issues covered include ensuring that sufficient time and resources are allocated to a project and that welfare arrangements are in place.