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Introduction to this document

Chemical storeroom checklist

If you use enough chemicals to justify a dedicated chemical storeroom, you will need to ensure that you manage it safely. Our three-part checklist can help you do this.


Chemical storeroom checklist

If you store large quantities, or a wide variety of chemicals on-site, you may find it helpful to use a Chemical Storeroom Checklist. It’s particularly ideal for those businesses which need dedicated on-site chemical storage areas. Apart from providing you with a means of making periodic safety checks on the storage area, it’s also useful in helping you monitor how good your safe systems of work are. It’s divided into three sections for ease of use, but can easily be adapted for use in much smaller storage areas.

Three part checklist

The first and longest part of the checklist looks at the general workplace and housekeeping issues surrounding the storeroom itself, such as general cleanliness and adequacy of ventilation. It also looks at safety management in terms of ensuring that you have chemical spillage kits available to manage any accidental spills and that staff are trained in their use. The second section looks at making safety checks of the containers themselves and how they’re stored. This is important to help you avoid the risk of leaks and of storing incompatible chemicals together. The third section focuses on whether first aid facilities are easily accessible and if a supply of eye wash is available in case of an accident. In common with many of our other checklists, there is a section at the end that allows you to enter any comments that you have and for the it to be signed and dated.