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Introduction to this document

Chemical inventory sheet

As part of good risk management, it’s vital to know what chemicals you have stored on your premises and where. One easy way of doing this is to use a chemical inventory sheet.

Chemical inventory sheet

If you use hazardous or large quantities of chemicals, you need to ensure that they are stored safely. To do otherwise greatly increases the risk of a spillage or a serious accident. In order to help avoid this, you may wish to use a Chemical Inventory Sheet. Apart from assisting you in maintaining a record of all the chemicals kept on your premises, it can then be used to ensure that no chemicals are missed out when you carry out a COSHH assessment.

Using the sheet

Our sample inventory sheet is divided into five columns. You enter the name of the chemical in the first and use the second column to note down its hazardous properties, e.g. corrosive or irritant. The remaining columns allow you to record the quantity stored, the date of purchase (as many chemicals have a limited shelf life) and its location. Depending on your own business needs, the inventory sheet can represent a single recording of all the chemicals on site, or relate to specific areas within it, e.g. by building or department.